Who can join?

  • You need to be an ISSOP member or have applied to join
  • Please fill in a membership form and email it according to instructions on the Membership page if you wish to become a member

Were can I find the discussion list?

How can I subscribe for the first time?

  • Go to the link mentioned above
  • Click on Subscribe in the menu to the left
  • enter you email address and click on the Submit button
  • You will then receive an email asking you to confirm your request – please follow these instructions
  • A confirmation email will arrive within 1-3 days

What is the benefit of joining the list?

  • Once your registration approved, you will receive any message sent to issop-members list and, from then, be able to:

– access the Archives of the discussion list (accessible frome the left menu)
– send a message to the discussion list (just email to issop-members_at_listes.unige.ch)


I cannot log in – what wrong?

  • Make sure you have registered on the discussion list. If not, please read above.
  • Please check from which page you are trying to log:
    • If the address of the webpage starts with http://www.issop.org/, this is normal. The login on that page is only available for editing pages on the website. You need to go on the discussion list homepage (https://listes.unige.ch/sympa/info/issop-members)
    • If the address of the webpage starts with https://listes.unige.ch, follow the instructions for retrieving your password
  • If none of these work, email to olivier.duperrex_at_unige.ch