Evidence into practice and evidence into policy
6 – 8 September 2012
The Gateway Centre, St Andrews, Scotland, UK



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The meeting was also covered in a blog in the BMJ http://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2012/09/17/tony-waterston-tackling-global-health-in-st-andrews/


Conference Programme

Thursday 6th September – Evidence into practice


Welcome and Introduction

Nick Spencer, Chair of ISSOP & Tony Waterston, Chair of Organising Committee


Plenary 1: Getting evidence into practice – scene-setting

Chaired by Lucy Reynolds (UK) & Olivier Duperrex (Switzerland)


Old and new challenges for social paediatrics

Catherine Law, Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology, Institute of Child Health, London


Results of ISSOP survey on evidence-based practice

Lucy Reynolds, Consultant Paediatrician, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Short reports from 4 countries illustrating issues regarding evidence-based paediatric practic

•Sweden: Lennart Kohler

Croatia: Milivoj Jovancevic

Russia: Nataliya Ustinova

Turkey: Selda Bulbul


Workshop Session 1

Free Papers, Session 1

Chaired by Rosina Kyeremateng (UK) & Gilles Julien (Canada)



Plenary 2: How to get evidence into practice – solutions

Chaired by Shanti Raman (Australia) & Stuart Logan (UK)


Essential newborn care – evidence into practice (by Skype)

Liz Mason, WHO Child and Adolescent Health and Development, Geneva


Evidence-based prescribing in South Africa (by Skype)

Prakash Jeena, South Africa Paediatric Essential Drug programme


Protecting Children from Second Hand Smoke: challenges, alternatives and opportunities

Sally Haw, Chair in Public Health & Population Health, University of Stirling


Panel Discussion – Ways forward in developing evidence-based approaches


Friday 7th September – Evidence into Policy – Engaging Decision Makers

Plenary 3: Developing Policy

Chaired by Nick Spencer (UK) & Gonca Yilmaz (Turkey)


Developing a policy and collaboration for the early years

Harry Burns, Chief Medical Officer, The Scottish Government


Panel discussion including young people


Plenary 4: International Symposium

Chaired by Tony Waterston (UK) & Nataliya Ustinova (Russia)


Examples of successful engagement with government

The session will consist of a dialogue with the invited speakers in which the audience are invited to participate

Developing breast feeding policy in Iceland

Geir Gunnlaugsson, Chief Medical Officer for Iceland


People’s health movement in relation to global advocacy on child health (by Skype)

David Sanders, Emeritus Professor of Public Health, University of Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa


Swedish experience in ending the corporal punishment of children and how this has been used by parliamentarians round the world

Staffan Janson, Professor of Public Health Science, Karlstad University and Adjunct Professor of Social Pediatrics, Örebro University, Sweden


Workshop Session 2

Free Papers, Session 2


Plenary 5: Working with children and young people

Chaired by Luis Martin (Spain) & Phil Wilson (UK)


Blethering with children and young people

Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People

Followed by Question and Answer Session including Children and Young People



Saturday 8th September

Free Papers, Session 3

Chaired by Thea van Zeben (Netherlands) & Gulbin Gokcay (Turkey)


Closing remarks

Tony Waterston, Nick Spencer