Free Papers

Free Papers 1

Exploring transition from paediatric to adult health services for people with cerebral palsy [abstract] – [presentation]

Alice Wright, University of St Andrews

Improving Child Health in Sweden: The Barnahus Model [abstract] – [presentation]

Steven Lucas, Uppsala University Children’s Hospital

A network guideline on domestic violence and child maltreatment for organisations responsible for the acute medical care in a geographically defines area in the Netherlands [abstract] – [presentation]

Thea van Zeben, Maastricht UMC

Addressing income inequality and poverty to improve child health [abstract] – [presentation]

Lynn Naven, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

The development of a scale to assess the health professionals’ attitudes [abstract] – [presentation]

Selda Hýzelbülbül, Kirikkale University, Turkey

Understanding Glasgow [abstract] – [presentation]

Bruce Whyte, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

Free Papers 2

Evidence for community action: The early development instrument pilot in Scotland [abstract] – [presentation]

Dr Rosemary Geddes, Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy

Child safety report cards [abstract] – [presentation]

Elizabeth Lumsden, European Child Safety Alliance

Qualitative evaluation of play@home [abstract] – [presentation]

Irene Miller, NHS Health Scotland

Evidence based child and adolescent health: Change can happen in practice and policy [abstract] – [presentation]

Olivier Duperrex, Unite PSPS and CRIPE

Addressing the clinical burden of child physical abuse and neglect in a large metropolitan region: Improving the evidence-base [abstract] – [presentation]

Dr Shanti Raman, South Western Sydney Local Health District and UNSW

Does ban on begging help child beggars in Senegal? [abstract] – [presentation]

Jonina Einarsdottir, University of Iceland, Iceland

Free Papers 3

Do health visitors target those families most in need? Findings from the Gateshead Millennium Baby cohort study [abstract] – [presentation]
Lucy Thompson, University of Glasgow

Vancouver’s RICHER social pediatrics initiative: Fostering access through partnership and engagement – insights for policy [abstract] – [presentation]

Judith Lynam, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia

Establishing an evidence base for the prevention of youth violence: Evaluation of the Medics Against Violence Programme [abstract] – [presentation]

Anna Gavine, University of St Andrews

Identifying problems and measuring change in child socio- emotional development in Glasgow [abstract] – [presentation]

Louise Marryat, Institute of Health and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow

Family meetings in the paediatric intensive care unit: Content, process and family satisfaction [abstract] – [presentation]

Andrew Thompson, Starship Children’s Hospital, New Zealand

Exploring social inequalities in children’s rapid weight gain: Analysis using the Growing up in Scotland Study [abstract] – [presentation]

Alison Parkes, MRC & Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, UK