Poster Presentations


Developmental screening in children from refugee backgrounds following resettlement

Janet Geddes, Australia

“Evidencias en Pediatria” A journal on evidence based pediatrics

Maria Esparza, Spain

The impact of socioeconomic inequalities on community paediatrician time allocation

John O’Dowd, UK

What works? Using evidence to support parents

Eileen Scott, UK

Physical activity and psychosocial wellbring: What is the evidence?

Elif Ozmert, Turkey

Development of a pregnancy and early days App for parents

Alison Macdonald, UK

Antenatal parenting support for for vulnerable women: An exploratory randomised controlled trial of Mellow Bumps

Jane White, UK

The ready to learn evaluation: Characterising Neurodevelopmental problems identified at a universal nurse contact with 30 month old children

Fiona Sim, UK


A preliminary report: zinc levels of breast-fed infants and their mothers during the first year of life

Gulbin Gokcay, Turkey

Evaluation of hospitals on children rights

Selda Hýzelbülbül, Kirikkale University, Turkey

Evidence-Based National Policy For Children At Risk

Boudien Flapper, Holland

Reflections on a case in Somaliland – generalised lymphadenopathy and fever in a 13 month old girl

Raheal Gabrasadig, UK



Improving perinatal mortality audit in Fiji: Implications for health systems and the maternal, newborn and child health workforce

Shanti Raman, Australia

Prevalence of reactive attachment disorder in an urban population

Rachel Pritchett, UK

Accident rate of children until 11 years of age in relation to the parent’s chronicity: A longitudinal study in Brno families

Lubomir Kukla, Czech Republic

Medical and social care for pregnant women in crisis situations to prevent child abandonment

Natliya Ustinova, Russia

Translation and cultural adaptation of the Health Utilities Index instruments (HUI)

Irina Vinyarskaya, Russia

A social paediatric spring? The role of social networking and other communication technologies in paediatric political advocacy

Lucy Reynolds, UK

Preventing cot death – what should we say to parents? An answer based on current evidence

Christine Durgnat, Olivier Duperrex, Switzerland

Hypocalcaemia and vitamin D deficiency in a case of severe cardiomyopathy in Glasgow 2012 – could this have been prevented?

Alison Perry, UK

Putting Evidence Into Practice: Project To Improve Maternal And Child Health In The Bassari Region Of Senegal

Barbara Rubio, Spain

Presenting Ecotourism As An Evidence Based Practice In International Development Cooperation

Barbara Rubio, Spain