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No 2. January 2013 – CONTENTS


1. Introduction


2. Recent meetings & News

2.1 Increasing incidence of rickets in UK

2.2 UNICEF UK Baby Friendly annual conference


3. International organisations


4. Current controversy Honour killings – scope for paediatric advocacy? Gonça Yilmaz


5. CHILD2015


6. Recent publications and links

6.1 IFMSA Global Health Equity initiative

6.2 Equity and child health: Journal of Tropical Pediatrics

6.3 Eradication of Polio: The Lancet

6.4 Debunking deworming: The BMJ

6.5 Festschrift for Staffan Janson: reviewed by Nick Spencer


No 3. March 2013  – CONTENTS


1. Introduction


2. Meetings & News

2.1 Melbourne: IPA and ISSOP activities

2.2 Health and the post development agenda



3. International organisations


3.1 ECPCP and child rights


4. Current controversy Breastfeeding and hypernatraemia – recent Archives paper


5. CHILD2015 report


6. Recent publications and links

6.1 Zotero OD

6.2 New report : Changing children’s chances


7. Echoes from Cartagena