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ISSOP e-Bulletin No 7. November 2013


1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome to the final e-°©‐bulletin for 2013 (Tony Waterston)

1.2 ISSOP e-°©‐bulletin survey (TW)

2. Recent meetings and news

2.1 Report of International Child Health Group (ICHG) (Clare Sheahan)

2.2 ISSOP News (Annual meeting 2014)

2.3 Echoes from the Spanish Social Paediatrics Society (Luis Martin)

3. International Organisations

3.1 Turkish Social Paediatrics Association (Gonca Yilmaz)

3.2 TAT (Think and Action Tank) on Children’s Right to Health (F. Simonelli et al.)

4. Current controversy

4.1 Infant formula sponsorship

5. CHILD2015 5.1 Handwashing education in a global context (Nick Spencer)

6. Recent publications and links

6.1 Position statement on Child Rights and Health