Child Rights and Health Care – ISSOP position statement 5 >>  

Prepared by Tony Waterston and Gonca Yilmaz with the contribution of several ISSOP members & endorsed by ISSOP Core Executive.

Published in Child: Care, Health and Development in Jan 2014 (click here) with a comment from Elsbeth Webb (click here)

and on ISSOP website in May 2014.


And additional document prepared by Elsbeth Webb has been added on 2/7/2014: Webb2014_ISSOP Position statement on the UNCRC 2 – additional evidence and practical application.pdf


It shows why and how pediatricians and associations can contribute to children wellbeing by better understanding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is related to their daily work and recommend specific actions for governments, individual paediatricians and National Paediatric Associations.

“Key messages:

• There is limited understanding by paediatricians about CR and little systematic training on how paediatricians can support CR in the clinical setting.

• There is a lack of research and academic writing on the practice of CR in health settings.

• Paediatricians should be aware of the content of the UNCRC and adopt it as grounding for their practice.

• National Paediatric Associations should develop a strategy to promote child rights through training, research, health policy development and advocacy.”