On behalf of the editorial team, I am pleased to announce the latest newletter/e-bulletin is out in its new format.

In order to view the whole e-bulletin it in a browser, please click here.

New format

The look and organization of the information will adapt to the machine (computer, tablet, phone) you are using to read it.

The text are short and you need to click on the buttons to go to the full articles which are on https://www.issop.org/tag/e-bull-36/ .

Some email software do funny things with the alignements => try another machine (computer, tablet, phone) if it the case, or another version of the software

(for me : not looking in Outlook 2010, but fine on outlook in a web browser).


How to receive it directly

Due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are not allowed to add your email to the list for the newletter/e-bulletin

  1. If you did not subscribe to receive the newletter/e-bulletin => you need to :
    • go on www.issop.org and add your email address in the field of the Newsletter box (to the right on a computer, towards the bottom on phone)
    • IMPORTANT: Then you need to look for a validation email called “ISSOP newsletter – you need to confirm you want to receive it” that could be in your spam folder, and validat
    • You will receive directly into your email the next e-bulletin
  2. If you subscribed but did not receive the newletter/e-bulletin => go to the second bullet above and find that email
  3. If you already received it because you registered for the newletter/e-bulletin and did the validation: our apologies !

Please give any feedback to postmaster@issop.org

Meilleures salutations / Regards