ISSOP e-Bulletin Nº 38. March 2019

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From the editorial staff: Raul Mercer, Tony Waterston, Rita Nathawad, Gonca Yilmaz, Nathaliya Ustinova

1. Introduction
2. Meetings and news
      2.1 Beirut ISSOP Conference
      2.2 The Impact of austerity on UK children’s services
      2.3 IPA Conference, report from the grounds
      2.4 Child participation, Social Communication and Health
      2.5 School strike for climate change
      2.6 A tribute to Dr. Samir Khalil
 3. International Organisations
       3.1 International Conference on Birth Defects and Disabilities in the
           Developing World
       3.2 Informing design and implementation for ECD programmes
       3.3 World Autism Awareness Day
       3.4 Autism in Russia
4. Current controversy
      4.1 Albino killings
      4.2 Vaccine hesitancy
5. CHIFA report
      An update of a new CHIFA moderator
6. Trainee report
     6.1 Enlightening pediatric practice (Geenland)
7. Publications
     7.1 Adverse health effects of recruiting child soldiers
     7.2 Child maltreatment and the brain structure
8 . Correspondence
     8.1 Spanking: an adverse childhood experience
     8.2 Screen time 1
     8.3 Screen time 2
     8.4 Olivier, we are waiting for you!