ISSOP e-Bulletin Nº 39. May 2019

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From the editorial staff: Tony Waterston, Raul Mercer, Rita Nathawad, Gonca Yilmaz, Nathaliya Ustinova

1. Introduction
2. Meetings and news
2.1 Beirut ISSOP Conference & Programme
2.2 RCPCH motion on infant formula sponsorship
2.3 IPA Leadership and the SDG’s
2.4 Equal protection for children in Scotland
2.5 Thyroid disease in Russia
3. International Organisations
3.1 New UN special representative on violence against children appointed
3.2 Alma-Ata is still alive: Report on Universal Health in the 21 st Century
4. Current controversy
4.1 Should immunization be compulsory?
4.2 Where will paediatric societies get their funding?
4.3 Age of consent in Russia
5. CHIFA report
6. Trainee report
6.1 Reflections on being a child advocate
7. Publications
7.1 Evidence for benefit of mandatory vaccination
7.2 Anti vaxx controversy
7.3 Information wars
7.4 Yes, I am Sorceress
7.5 Gender equality
7.6 Policies of exclusion: Implications for the Health of Immigrants and Children
7.7 A Roadmap to Reducing Child Poverty
8. Correspondence
8.1 Task force of Health Promoting Hospitals, by Ilaria Simonelli
8.2 ISSOP + SAP = more than an MOU