ISSOP e-Bulletin Nº 41. September 2019

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From the editorial staff: Tony Waterston, Raul Mercer, Rita Nathawad, Gonca Yilmaz, Nathaliya Ustinova

1. Introduction
1.1 Message from Jeff Goldhagen (President of ISSOP)
2. Meetings and news
2.1. BLOG of an ISSOP Debutante
2.2 Peer education in the camps: Beit Atfal Assumoud
2.3 Paediatrics at a crossroads what next?
2.4 Ending corporal punishment in Scotland
2.5 Social Pediatrics in Cali, Colombia
3. International Organisations
3.1 Autism – Europe
3.2 Tribute to David Sanders
4. Current controversy
4.1 What is wrong with that boy? A case study from Germany
4.2 Is individual action pointless in the face of climate change?
4.3 The role of the global arms trade fuelling conflict
5. CHIFA report – IPA report
5.1 CHIFA report
5.2 IPA: words and greetings from Beirut
6. Trainee report
6.1 Vaping. Expedition to the world of e-cigarettes
7. Publications
7.1 A manifesto for children
8. Correspondence
8.1 ISSOP Conference through video streaming (from Lebanon to Argentina)
8.2 Learning from the ISSOP Annual Meeting
8.3 Moving from disappointment to emotion: more about ISSOP video streaming
8.4 Report on Beirut from a non-medic
8.5 More than words (images from Beirut)