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go and contribute to CHIFA (child health and rights) – Health information for all

CHIFA is administered in collaboration with the International Child Health Group and the International Society for Social Paediatrics and Child Health. The vision of CHIFA is: A world where every child, every parent and every health worker has access to the health information they need to protect their own health and the health of children for whom they are responsible. Our colleagues running the website for CHIFA encourage you to register and contribute to the email discussion. Which is one of ISSOP activities. Explore, join and contribute....

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The Budapest declaration for children and youth on the move – Comment in The Lancet Child and adolescent health

In case you missed it, our ISSOP colleagues published a comment in The Lancet Child and adolescent health. The access is free, but you need to login or create an account. Goldhagen JL, Kadir A, Fouad FM, Spencer NJ, Raman S. The Budapest declaration for children and youth on the move. The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health [Internet]. 1 mars 2018 [cited 9 mars 2018];2(3):164‑5. ...

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ISSOP 31st e-Bulletin is out !

ISSOP e-Bulletin Nº 31. January 2018              => download the pdf ! 1. Introduction 2. Meetings and news 2.1 ISSOP Annual Conference 2018, Bonn 2.2 Budapest Declaration update and next steps 2.3 RCPCH campaigns on State of Child Health 2.4 Nobel Peace Prize 2.5 National Meeting of Social Paediatrics in Argentina 2.6 Building bridges with the Southern Cone 2.7 Haringey Relational approach to Resilience 3. International Organisations 3.1 ICAN 3.2 Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet to Chair PMNCH Board 4. Current controversy 4.1 The Road to Health chart & health promotion 5. CHIFA report 5.1 Appointment of Desk officer 6. ISSOP...

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ISSOP 30th e-Bulletin is out !

ISSOP e-Bulletin Nº 30. November 2017              => download the pdf ! 1. Introduction 1.1 Editorial, by Jeff Goldhagen 2. Meetings and news 2.1 International Network of Paediatric Surveillance Units (INOPSU) 2.2 Third Latin American Biennial of Childhood and Youth 2.3 ISSOP AGM 2018 2.4 Budapest declaration 2.5 RCPCH Report on child poverty 2.6 Asia Conference on Child Rights, Lahore, Pakistan 3. International Organisations 3.1 All different, all equal. Antibullying week 4. Current controversy 4.1 WHO launches new violence prevention resource 4.2 Smacking banned in Scotland 4.3 Failure of antibiotics 5. CHIFA report 6. Publications 6.1 The Lancet: Review on...

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