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e-bulletin 36 – 3.2 Global Child: a rights-based approach to enhance the health and developmental outcomes of children

In March 2017 a piece was published on GlobalChild project; and international initiative, conducted under the auspices of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, which aims at operationalizing the CRC through the use of indicators framework and developing a comprehensive child rights monitoring platform. Since then the project has advanced and met a few milestones. The following provides a synopsis of the progress of the multinational team of GlobalChild: The team has now completed phase I of the process of developing the indicators for all 41 substantive rights of the CRC. The outcome of this phase is a series of succinct papers that...

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e-bulletin 36 – 3.1 Global Climate and Health Alliance

The Global Climate and Health Alliance was formed in Durban in 2011 to tackle climate change and to protect and promote public health. The Alliance is made up of health and development organisations from around the world united by a shared vision of an equitable, sustainable future. Our vision is a world in which the health impacts of climate change are kept to a minimum, and the health co-benefits of climate change mitigation are maximised. Specifically, Alliance members work together to: 1. Ensure that health impacts are integrated into global, regional, national and local policy responses to climate change so as to reduce them as far as...

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e-bulletin 36 – 2.7 Measles resurgence

Posting on HIFA 29.11.18 from Neil Pakenham Walsh Extract below. Full text here: 29 November 2018 News Release  Geneva/ Atlanta/New York Reported measles cases spiked in 2017, as multiple countries experienced severe and protracted outbreaks of the disease. This is according to a new report published today by leading health organizations. Because of gaps in vaccination coverage, measles outbreaks occurred in all regions, while there were an estimated 110 000 deaths related to the disease… “The resurgence of measles is of...

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e-bulletin 36 – 2.6 Disability in the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues, Let me introduce Rimma Terletskaya, honoured doctor of the Russian Federation, Professor, PhD, Chief researcher of National Medical Research Center of Children’s Health (Moscow). She is highly experienced in the field of child public health (more than 40 years). Among others important issues she studied impact of radiation, as a result of the Chernobyl accident, on children health. She devoted many years to research in the area of infant mortality. Currently she continues to conduct a research about social aspects of children morbidity, disability and mortality in the Russian Federation. Children disability is the...

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e-bulletin 36 – 2.5 International Seminar on Child Rights and Health and satellite activities

In the days before the Seminar, the Santo Tomas Institute and the Hospital Sotero Del Rio invited Andrew Clarke to facilitate and lead several workshops, presentations and meetings about the structured integration of child rights into routine assessment and quality improvement cycles. Hospital Sotero Del Rio and its sister hospitals and facilities cover a population of 1.5 million in the south section of Santiago. Over 900 managers and decision-makers, clinicians, lecturers and students participated in these events. These services have now decided to adopt and integrate the participatory rights-based Hospital Amigable/CFHI improvement model...

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