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e-bulletin 36 – 2.4 The effects of armed conflict on children

Dr. Sherry Shenoda addressing the US Senate at an AAP sponsored event to make Congress and global health partners in Washington, D.C. aware of the paper’s findings and recommendations. An AAP policy statement and technical report on The Effects of Armed Conflict on Children, authored by Sherry Shenoda, MD, FAAP, Ayesha Kadir, MD, MSc, FAAP, Shelly Pitterman, PhD, Jeffrey Goldhagen, MD, MPH, FAAP, were issued through a press release held at the AAP-NCE Meeting in Orlando on November 5th.  Please find a summary written by Dr. Shenoda below. Shenoda S, Kadir A, Pitterman S, Goldhagen J, Section on International Child Health. The Effects of...

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e-bulletin 36 – 2.2 David Attenborough on climate change

David Attenborough is the most respected natural history broadcaster in the UK and his programmes on animal life round the world have gone global. The latest one entitled ‘Blue Planet’ featured marine life and the huge impact of plastics on water animals – this has lead to major public opposition to single use plastics in our society. Always a respecter of the damage done to wildlife by climate change, he has recorded this interview which is worth a look. Tony...

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