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ISSOP 35th e-Bulletin is out !

issop-e-bulletin-35 : download the pdf if you want to keep up with what we do and what we discuss. The September 2018 issue talks about our recent meeting in Bonn, about peace policies, corporal punishment, air polution, climate, social pediatrics in Russia. Controversies on African traditional medicine and a japanes washhand basin will have you reflect… and maybe react. Do not miss out on the CHIFA report and the ISSOP trainee group! And subscribe to the Newletter to receive the next one. *** ISSOP e-Bulletin Nº 35 September 2018 CONTENTS 1. Introduction - A special message from the new President of ISSOP, Jeff Goldhagen - A tribute...

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Who we are

Mission statement: ‘Professionals acting locally and globally to improve the health and well being of children and young people with a focus on social pediatrics and child health.’ International Society for Social Pediatrics and...

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