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Children’s health in Europe – challenges for the next decades – by Lennart Köhler

From one of the founders of ESSOP and Honorary President of ISSOP, an insightful review ot the current situation of children’s health in Europe and inspiring and provocative thoughts for us to take actions. An absolute must-read. And act upon. “The difference between what we know and what we don’t know is less than the difference between what we know and what we do. If we accept an increasing segregation of our society, the risk is imminent that the health problems will increase, and then particularly among those who are already most vulnerable. And that is where we find...

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Migrant Child Health – ISSOP Position statement n° 8 Prepared by ISSOP Migration Working Group on behalf of ISSOPISSOP Migration Working Group members: Anna Battersby, Helga Guðmundsdóttir, Yvon Heller, Anders Hjern, Fabienne Jäger, Elsa Hrund Jensdottir, Ayesha Kadir, Zsuzsanna Kovács, Rosina Kyeremateng Luis Martin, Jean‐Claude Métraux, Barbara Rubio, Erika Sievers, Stella Tsitoura, Liv Lyngå von Folsach. Published on ISSOP website in February 2017. This position paper from the International society for social pediatrics and child health (ISSOP) ISSOP has 9 recommendations for action and attitudes towards migrant children who, irrespective of their legal status, are entitled to health care of the same standard provided to children in the resident population, as stated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Please quote as: ISSOP Migration Working Group. Migrant child health – ISSOP Position statement n° 8 [Internet]. ISSOP; 2017 [cited 30th January 2017]. Available on:...

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