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e-bulletin 36 – 5.1 CHIFA article in BMJ Paediatrics Open

An editorial on CHIFA has been published in the BMJ Paediatrics Open Why Health Information Needs to be Accessible to All The editorial is by Neil Pakenham Walsh and Tony Waterston and covers the aims, origins and future of CHIFA. The editorial opens as follows: ‘Health information can be described as the information that citizens, health workers and others need to protect their own health and the health of others. In this context, it is information that is needed for all aspects of child health: for the prevention of disease and the maintenance of health; for screening, diagnosis and...

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Community and Societal Pediatrics – Child Rights and Child Health

Want to join this free online curriculum ? If you have a UF username and password   If you do not Community and Societal Pediatrics – Child Rights and Child Health This curriculum on Community and Societal Pediatrics:  Child Rights and Child Health responds to advances in our understanding of the root cause social determinants of health and the relevance of a child rights-based approach to child health and well-being.  The curriculum is divided into 20 units, each with multiple modules, that begin by addressing...

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ISSOP trainee group has just had an opinion piece published in the Guardian on air pollution

“One of ISSOP’s trainee members has written an opinion piece, published in the UK newspaper, The Guardian, on the effects of air pollution on children’s health. This is a powerful statement on the impact of air pollution, particularly from diesel engines, on children’s respiratory function and on their lung growth. As social paediatricians we need to be aware of the damage done to children’s health by air pollution and advocate for change.” Nick Spencer, ISSOP President Link: This summer I treated...

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