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Community and Societal Pediatrics – Child Rights and Child Health

This curriculum on Community and Societal Pediatrics:  Child Rights and Child Health responds to advances in our understanding of the root cause social determinants of health and the relevance of a child rights-based approach to child health and well-being.  The curriculum is divided into 20 units, each with multiple modules, that begin by addressing the principles of CS-P, child rights and their intersection; and then continue to explore critical aspects of the CS-P practice.  The curriculum is structured as a self-learning platform—that participants can pursue through engaging in individual units, or as a curriculum as a whole.

More units and modules will be added over time.  We hope that the curriculum will become a repository for others to use as a Wiki to address the intersection of child rights and child health in the context of the emerging practice of Community and Societal Pediatrics.  If you have ideas for new Units and Modules, and want to contribute, please feel free to contact me, Jeffrey Goldhagen, M.D., MPH at Jeffrey.Goldhagen@jax.ufl.edu.  In the meantime, we welcome your feedback and hope the knowledge and experience embedded in the curriculum will be translated into practice to advance health equity in our communities.