The Task Force HPH-CA (Health Promotion for and with Children of the International Health Promoting Hospitals Network) worked on the finalization of Standards and indicators on health promotion for children and adolescents in Hospitals and Health care services.

The Standards and Indicators took inspiration from the concepts, guidelines and outcomes of the WHO Standards for Health Promotion in Hospital (2004) and from the Child Rights-based Approach developed by the UN Agencies (WHO, Unicef, Unesco).

The goal of the TF work is to facilitate the measurement of the level of Children’s Health promotion in Hospitals and Healthcare services and to provide professionals with a tool for a peer to peer evaluation on the level of realization of health promotion.

The areas of the Standards are five: Management policy; Patient assessment; Patient information and intervention; Promoting a healthy Workplace; Continuity and Cooperation.

The Standards and Indicators have been tested by the Task Force members and by Healthcare and Health services professionals in Italy, Norway, Spain, Estonia, USA, Hungary.

The final version of the Standards can be requested for implementation at the following e-mail address:

Ilaria Simonelli