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  • PAPADAKOU, Stavroula, 2018. A proposal for early intervention. In: ISSOP2018 - Early Childhood Intervention: Science, Systems and Policies - Promoting Healthy Development of Vulnerable Children [online]. Bonn, Germany: DGSPJ. 28 September 2018. p. 1–120. [Accessed 4 November 2018]. Available from: https://www.issop.org/cmdownloads/papadakou-poster-issop-2018/ Background:  12-15% of the general population of children at some point present problems at developmental milestones. The earlier the problems are found and documented, the better results we can have after a specialized rehabilitation. Method:  “Early childhood development programs" and “early intervention programs” are important for achieving these objectives. Results : We suggest examining infants of nursery schools, aged 1-5, so that early detection of the children likely to have problems and further assessment for rehabilitation can be identified. Discussion: The level of intervention concerns: the child, the family or care provider, the social contexts of the children, the community (including health-peadiatric-private and public services) and the broader community and the state.Finally, creating the right conditions for early childhood development is effective and clearly less costly than tackling the problems caused by its lack. Stavroula Papadakou, Doxiadis Unit Athens  Greece, Athens

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