ISSOP E-BULLETIN  36 – December 2018  – Table of contents

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1. Introduction

1.1. President’s report

2. Meetings and news

2.1 IPCC latest
2.2 David Attenborough on climate change
2.3 Save the dates: 2019 ISSOP meeting in Beirut
2.4 The effects of armed conflict on children
2.5 International Seminar on Child Rights and Health and Satellite activities
2.6 Disability in Russia
2.7 Measles resurgence

3. International organisations and voices

3.1 Global Climate and Health Alliance
3.2 Global Child: a rights-based approach to enhance the health and developmental outcomes of children
3.3 Outstanding voices in Social Pediatrics

4. Current controversy

4.1 Debate: personal or political in tackling climate change?
4.2 Extinction Rebellion

5. CHIFA report

5.1 CHIFA article in BMJ Paediatrics Open
5.2 HIFA posting: Declaration of Astana charts course to achieve universal health coverage, 40 years since declaration on primary health care in Alma-Ata

6. Trainee report

7. Publications

7.1 Are cars the new tobacco? Journal of Public Health 2011
7.2 Task Force HPH-CA Standards for Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents
7.3 The right to health of the Child, by Sarah Spronk van der Meer
7.4 Pakistan Lady Health Workers